Friday, March 18, 2011

Another late post :\

                                          Yes, I am in love. Before you start getting weird thoughts in your head let me tell you,I am in love with the country of Holland.
                                 Though I haven't seen the WHOLE of Holland, the two cities, Delft and Amsterdam impressed me.Maybe this sounds weird,I prefer Amsterdam to Switzerland.ANYTIME.Maybe because there are more people in Holland? I don't know.Ik weet het niet.
                                 Let me start from the beginning. I had a rotary actitivty the day before,and that evening I got horribly sick. I even considered not going.But then I though" It's Amsterdam you are going to ,baby.Not SCHOOL" So I just took some medicine and kept telling myself that I was alright.
                                   I woke up at 2.45 am in the morning that day.SO EARLY.But I didn't know then that it was totally going to be worth it.Why? Denise,Lily and I got a free train ride,because my host dad works for the Belgian railways.Not just that,it was first class and the coaches were EXACLTY like the ones in Harry potter.OH JOY.
                               We,along with other rotary kids and our team leaders took the bus and headed to HOLLAND.I have never been so excited before. In a few hours,we reached the city of Delft.
                                Delft,derieves its name from the dutch verb"Delfen",which means"to dig" To build a city in holland,you need to keep digging canals.So I am pretty sure I saw around five canals in Delft. I grew tired of seeing them.  
                               But what impressed me is that in Holland,cyclists have priority over the others. The roads are constructed keeping cyclists in mind.NOT CARS. Every Dutch citizen is the proud owner of a cycle.How nice. But for us,tourists,it's a total nightmare.You can't walk in peace.Every two seconds you'll hear the "kling kling" of the cycle and then you give way.I assure you it's tiring. 
                              We spent a couple of hours in Delft and the headed out to our destination- AMSTERDAM. 
                              We reached there in about an hour,and yes all of us were excited. The boys espicially,when our leader told us that we would be doing a tour of the red light district. And why not? After all we have all heard so much about it. And indeed,we had a great time.Thanks to our raging teenage hormones.
                            We spent the next two days in Amsterdam visiting "The Anne Frank House" ,"The Van Gogh Vermeer Museum" and the" Rijks Museum"  My favourite was the Anne Frank house.It was all so real.For a good one hour,I was Anne Frank,I was in hiding,I was captured and I died.And yes,in the end,I was secretely crying.Let's hope such a thing NEVER happens again.
                             Sadly,every trip has to come to an end. But I had a wonderful time in Amsterdam,I won't call it the land of prostitutes and drugs,I would call it"The land of cycles".Like every other city in Holland.
                             And finally,I hate to say it.My lovely year in Europe is coming to an end. I knew it was coming.I just didn't know it would come so fast.I am excited to see my family and my friends again,but at the same time I also want to stay here. Can India and Belgium merge to form one country? So it won't be painful to leave? Maybe I should stop thinking about this because I still have three months left.
                            And one more thing,It's my birthday in ten days and I'm excited.Any clue as to why I am so excited? My host parents are taking me to Paris on my birthday.ON A FIRST CLASS TGV train! YES YES YES.
                            Maybe,I should stop now? Yes,I should. I will try to reduce the gap between two posts.It's a lot.Let's hope laziness doesen't come in the way.
Till then,
A bientot!


  1. I loved this post, as simple as that. Wish you had uploaded a few pics to go with the post. Very few people remain unmoved after hearing the Anne Frank story. I look forward to a special post on Anne Frank Huis. I am sure it will make for very good reading

  2. Hi Aditi! How nice it is to connect to my adventurous friend. I hope all is going well with you.

    You have really captured the spirit of your journey. This exchange programme is going to benefit you in many ways in a long term.

    All the very best!